Class InsideDoubleQuote

  extended by edu.rice.cs.drjava.model.definitions.reducedmodel.ReducedModelState
      extended by edu.rice.cs.drjava.model.definitions.reducedmodel.InsideDoubleQuote

public class InsideDoubleQuote
extends ReducedModelState

The shadowing state that corresponds to being inside a double-quoted string.

$Id: 5175 2010-01-20 08:46:32Z mgricken $

Field Summary
static InsideDoubleQuote ONLY
          Singleton instance
Constructor Summary
private InsideDoubleQuote()
          Singleton constructor
Method Summary
(package private)  ReducedModelState update(TokenList.Iterator copyCursor)
          Walk function for when inside a quoted string.
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Field Detail


public static final InsideDoubleQuote ONLY
Singleton instance

Constructor Detail


private InsideDoubleQuote()
Singleton constructor

Method Detail


ReducedModelState update(TokenList.Iterator copyCursor)
Walk function for when inside a quoted string. Mutually recursive with other walk functions.
  1. If we've reached the end of the list, return.
  2. If we find //, /* or * /, split them into two separate braces. The cursor will be on the first of the two new braces.
  3. If current brace = \n or ", mark current brace FREE, next(), and go to updateFree.
    Else, mark current brace as INSIDE_DOUBLE_QUOTE, go to next brace, recur.

Specified by:
update in class ReducedModelState