Package edu.rice.cs.drjava.model.debug

Contains the code for DrJava's JPDA-based debugger.


Interface Summary
DebugBreakpointData Interface for breakpoint data.
Debugger Interface for any debugger implementation to be used by DrJava.
DebugListener Any class which wants to listen to events fired by the Debugger should implement this interface and use Debugger's addDebugListener() method.
DebugModelCallback Callback interface which allows a Debugger to respond to events fired in a remote jvm.

Class Summary
DebugEventNotifier Keeps track of all listeners to a Debugger, and has the ability to notify them of some event.
DebugStackData Class for keeping track of a stack frame in the debugger.
DebugTestCase This class contains the basic fields and methods that are necessary for any test file that needs to use the JPDADebugger.
DebugThreadData Class for keeping track of the currently running threads.
DebugWatchData Class for keeping track of watched fields and variables.
DebugWatchDataTest Tests that the DebugWatchData class can display state correctly.
NoDebuggerAvailable Placeholder class indicating that no debugger is available to DrJava.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
DebugException Thrown when something goes wrong in the integrated debugger.
LineNotExecutableException Thrown when a breakpoint is set on a line that's not executable.

Package edu.rice.cs.drjava.model.debug Description

Contains the code for DrJava's JPDA-based debugger.