Interface OrderedDocumentRegion

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<OrderedDocumentRegion>, IDocumentRegion, Region
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
DocumentRegion, JPDABreakpoint, MovingDocumentRegion

public interface OrderedDocumentRegion
extends IDocumentRegion, Comparable<OrderedDocumentRegion>

Interface supported by all document regions used in search results, bookmarks, and breakpoints (e.g., region classes other than DummyDocumentRegion and BrowserDocumentRegion). OrderedDocumentRegions are presumed to contain three fields: an OpenDefinitionsDocument, a start Postion, and an end Position, where Positions refers to javax.swing.text.Position. They are presumed to be ordered by first by document (using some form of lexicographic ordering on the name), then by start Position and then by end Position. All implementations of this interface should be immutable (at the level of the field bindings in those classes), but a given document Position can "move" when the associated document is modified. As a result, hashing on OrderedDocumentRegions will produce upredictable results (WiLL NOT WORK) unless hashing on Positions works (which this design does NOT presume). On the other hand, the relative ordering of Positions is invariant (except for possible coalescing of formerly distinct Positions) regardless of how the associated document is modified. Mutation of the document backing an OrderedDocumentRegion can coarsen the compareTo ordering, equating DocumentRegions that were previously unequal. but it never alters the weak inequality ordering among regions. If a1 <= a2 <= .. .<= an, this property remains invariant regardless of what mutation occurs. Similarly, if a1 = a2 = ... = an, this property remains invariant. As a result, searches in SortedSets of OrderedDocumentRegions work regardless of what document mutation occurs. (Note the complements of the preceding two relations are NOT invariant as a document is modified.)

Method Summary
 int getLineEndOffset()
 int getLineStartOffset()
 String getString()
 boolean isEmpty()
 void update()
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int getLineStartOffset()


int getLineEndOffset()


void update()


String getString()


boolean isEmpty()